Risonanza IV (2017)

for piano, duration 17′


commissioned by Aura Go

premiered 19.5.2017 in Helsinki


Aura Go, piano

In this piece I wanted to explore the different echoes and resonances of the grand piano. They are particularly rich in this instrument because of the size of the instrument and the different pedals. It’s like these different resonances create different kinds of acoustical spaces or rooms evoking a shadow world as opposed to the world in which notes are played normally. The piece starts with a lot of energy but calms down and becomes more and more immersed in the rich and more quiet shadow world. In essence, this work is about finding the peace after a hectic and chaotic world.

Risonanza IV is part of solo piece series called Risonanza. In this series I highlight a different aspect of resonance with different instruments.

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