Railo (2015)

for chamber choir (4444), duration 12′


text: Harry Salmenniemi / Tiina Myllärinen

commissioned by Helsinki Chamber Choir

premiered 7.2.2017 in Musica nova -festival, Helsinki

Helsinki Chamber Choir, Nils Schweckendiek cond.



The text of Railo (Engl. “Crack”) is based on a triptych called “The storm” by Harry Salmenniemi. The piece handles conflicts that a person can have with other persons or with oneself. It deals with estrangement, loneliness and fear. Towards the end of the piece those feelings can not be kept silent anymore and they break through to the surface. The piece also surveys the use of space and microtonality with chamber choir. The singers are situated around the audience in four groups. The subtle twisted microtones in the middle of the piece imply to the inside world of a person with conflicts and confusion.

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