Kaikki kuuluu värinä (2009/2018)

Kaikki kuuluu värinä, version for male choir (2009),

Kaikki kuuluu Värinä, version for mixed choir (2018),

duration 4′

text: Henriikka Tavi

commissioned by Polytech Choir

premiered 22.5.2010 in Helsinki

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version for mixed choir commissioned by Chamber Choir Värinä

premiered 27.10.2018 in Helsinki

Chamber Choir Värinä, Noora Hirn cond.

Kaikki kuuluu Värinä explores the colours of different vowels in choir music. The text is written by Henriikka Tavi. The text emphasizes always one or two vowels at a time, and makes a rotation of the vowels. This rotation relates to the rotation of seasons and times of day. The choir often has a very thick texture with a lot of text in a certain vowel colour. On top of this the two soprano soloists sing another text. They are always in different place in the vowel rotation than the rest of the choir, which creates a tension between the choir and the soloists.

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