Delante -Detrás (2023)

for soprano, saxophone and accordeon, duration c. 11′

Commissioned by and dedicated to Akartia -trio

First performance 10.11.2023 Musikagileak -festival, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

First performance 10.11.2023, trio Akartia: Margarita Rodríguez, soprano, Iñigo Setuain Antoñanzas, saxophone and Naiara de la Puente, accordion

Delante – Detrás (engl. in front – behind) is about communication and being together in a group. It’s about connecting and disconnecting with others. Each of the three players is searching for her/his place; who is she/he, who is she/he in relation with others? Is there room for equality?

Music is constructed thinking about layers; sometimes all the three musicians are moving in the same layer, sometimes some musicians are making background to someone else (being “behind”), and sometimes there’re layers of noise or something else on top of others (being “in front”). 

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